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General Rules

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General Rules

Postby Tom Turbine » Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:49 am

General Rules

The following is a near complete list of rules regarding the usage of this forum. Certain forums may have different or additional rules which will be stickied. Please read them before posting. If any rules are broken, disciplinary actions will be carried out by administrative staff based on the offense committed.

    1. Do not post spam. If you're unsure if your post is spam, PM us to check before posting it.

    2. No alternate accounts. We allow one account per person, only.

    3. No insulting, trolling or flaming this board or its users on the board or by private message. No use of bigoted words concerning ones sexuality or race at all, ever. This is non-debatable and is a bannable offense.

    4. No political or religious discussions, advertisements, or signatures. Your view may not be somebody else's view and this leads to endless political/religious debates that are off-topic and possibly/probably offensive.

    5. No posting of private messages or e-mails. This is considered a breach of privacy and will not be tolerated whatever your reasons may be.

    6. No posting/advertising of pirated/bootlegged material nor linking to where they can be found. ie: MP3s, games, software, books, movies, ROMs, etc. If you do this sort of thing, do not tell us about it, we don't want to know...

    7. No posting with only the purpose of promoting another website. Posts will be removed once seen or reported.

    8. No posting of porn or links to pornographic material which includes toon porn.

    9. No posting of gore, mutilation, graphic imagery or any related material.

    10. No dating ads/sleazy personals.

    11. No discussion of actions taken on members or posting on behalf of banned members. If you have a question concerning an action that we've taken on a member, please PM an administrator with your questions.

    12. Please do your best to use clean language on this forum and refrain from excessive use of expletives. Occasional colourful language is okay as long as you aren't just deliberately spamming your posts with curse words. Extreme curse words are censored. Please don't attempt to go around the word filters with l33t or some other method like spelling a word with a number or symbols like @ss instead of ass. They're censored for a reason and if you turn off your censorship filter in the UCP, you can view the curse words in all their glory. Milder curse words are not censored but should be used in moderation.

    13. Post in the appropriate forums. Off-topic threads go in the Off-topic forum. No off-topic posts or threads in forums with specific topics indicated.

    14. Do not publicly call out a staff member on the board. Contact them privately with your issues and if this is not an option, contact another administrator.

    15. No back and forth angry heated debates that span several pages. If it's escalating and you can tell, take it to PMs or agree to disagree. Remember, other people are sharing this forum and will likely feel uncomfortable if two or more community members who they otherwise like are at each others' throats over sour grapes.

    16. If you have a problem with someone, PM them and try to work it out. If it escalates, PM a Moderator or Admin. Do not call someone out on the forum. Not only can this make others uncomfortable, but it can also potentially embarrass the individual publicly when the issue can be resolved privately. Do you have an issue with somebody's post? Flag it with "Report this post" and we will review it.

    17. Personal opinions are respected and not censored at DCTR. However, remember that for the most part, this is a civil board. lol. Please try to keep from creating threads/hijacking other threads solely for the purpose of angry rants, tirades, evoking powerful negative reactions from others and personal soapboxes for negative agendas/personal vendettas.

    18. When posting lots of images (8 or more), try your best to break them down to multiple posts so that they can spread over more than a single page so that a single post doesn't turn into a giant scrolling page of a hundred images. Another option would be to use the Gallery to so that they get thumbnailed to a smaller size. Also, please limit your posts to a couple of full sized animations at maximum. If you have a lot of large animations like gifs, please use a text link to the original file instead.
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