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Lesternessman is looking for...

List what you have for sale and trade and your personal want lists.

Lesternessman is looking for...

Postby Lesternessman » Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:23 pm

lesternessman wrote:looking for the following Dcuc parts:
[strikethrough]Mr.Miracle forearms[/strikethrough]
[strikethrough]Red Lantern forearms[/strikethrough]
Batman Beyond forearms and head
Nightwing escrima sticks
Owlman belt
Negative man belt
Todd Rice hands
[strikethrough]Nu52 Batman cape[/strikethrough]
Nu52 Batman feet
Flash feet
FA Batman body
PE Batman body
Dr. Fate forearms
Red Arrow belt/harness(young Justice)
MM prototype suit harness
DCSH Superman cape

DCD Batman and Son Batman cape or Flashpoint Batman cape. Also looking for a pouch from an ML Daredevil

Got paypal or some, not much fodder to trade. New here but you can find feedback on my past transactions on the Fwoosh.
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