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RexMason's trade/want list

List what you have for sale and trade and your personal want lists.

RexMason's trade/want list

Postby Rex Mason » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:30 pm

Hi guys, here's my list:

Looking for:

- JLU Key
- DC Direct PVC Key figure from JLofA villain set
- Ban Dai Teen Titans 5 inch Slade (in package)
- Ban Dai Teen Titans 5 inch Robin: Deluxe Feature Figure (in package)
- Ban Dai 3.5 inch shadow Robin with gun (loose is fine)
- Batman: Brave and the Bold Riddler (in package)
- Super Powers Bearbricks Robin (in package)
- The Batman: Blaster Batgirl - Barbara Gordon
- The Batman: Ice Blast Mr. Freeze (melted head look)
- The Batman: Clayface (either the Bennett head variant or the morphing head variant)
- Funko Pop Heroes Metallic Chase figures of Joker, Batgirl, Batman (black with yellow oval), Penguin, or Riddler
- Funko Pop Heroes Blue Batmobile NYCC exclusive
- DC Chess Collection Poison Ivy (in package with magazine)
- Batman stuff from the 1960s and 1970s
- Other Batman related things you think I might not have...



- DC Collectibles Injustice Doomsday
- DC Collectibles Injustice Superman
- DC Collectibles Injustice Wonder Woman
- DC Collectibles Injustice Green Arrow
- Mattel Tiny Titans Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg and Raven
- Jazzwares Teen Titans Go PVC set (minus Robin)
- Aardman DC Collectibles Superman
- Aardman DC Collectibles Batman
- DC Collectibles New 52 Aquaman (7-pack variant)
- DC Collectibles New 52 Black Manta
- DC Collectibles New 52 Captain Cold (7-pack variant)
- DC Collectibles New 52 Flash (7-pack variant)
- DC Collectibles New 52 Wonder Woman
- JLU Toyman
- JLU Samurai
- JLU Apache Chief
- JLU Brainiac
- JLU Parasite
- JLU Mr. Miracle
- JLU Elongated Man
- Hot Wheels Camo Tumbler Batmobile
- Various PVC New 52 Justice League and Dark Knight Rises figures
- Batman light-up Whitman's mini bust from Batman: The Animated Series
- 43 DC Comics Mighty Beanz (nearly a complete set with plenty of extra doubles)

PM with any trade offers. Thanks, guys.
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Rex Mason
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