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Marvel Legends 2016 Civil War wave from NYCC 2015

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Re: Marvel Legends 2016 Civil War wave from NYCC 2015

Postby Ken Davis » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:27 pm

Went to another London Drugs today and found the rest of this wave, and at the same price. There were two complete sets. I bought Cap Wolf, Demolition Man ( who?) and Taskmaster. Demolition Man is a pretty cool looking figure with his weapons, and Taskmaster is pretty neat looking too. Taskmaster has two heads, and I'm not current enough on him to know which look represents what iteration of the character. My association goes back to his first appearance in Avengers lo those many years ago.

Cap Wolf is...................okay, I had to think about this on. I knew nothing about this particular story until the toys were announced. it was such a short story arc--only a couple of issues that it passed me right by.
This look..............looks really stupid. It's DEFINITELY Oddball-Marvel.........but I LIKE Oddball-Marvel. I'm going to put the werewolf head on and see if I can live with it, because it is really silly.

<5-minute pause>
Okay, this is goofy, weird, silly/stupid and as "WTF" as it gets. But golly if it actually has grown. Most people buying this figure will have no clue about this head. They'll probably put it on, go "WTF" and then swap back on the original head. Crazy.
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Re: Marvel Legends 2016 Civil War wave from NYCC 2015

Postby 1987olds442 » Wed May 04, 2016 1:35 pm

Hey guys,
I heard that TRU is doing a sale this week on marvel merchandise if you buy one ML you get the 2nd for 40% off, and if you buy over $20 worth of stuff you get a card for a free movie ticket.
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