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LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze - Aquaman on Ice

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LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze - Aquaman on Ice

Postby AcidDragon » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:19 pm

Hey guys, I finally cracked one of the boxes of LEGO I had open and assembled this. LOL. This is the LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze - Aquaman on Ice building set. Overall, it took about half an hour to put together. Here's some pics I took to give you an idea of what comes with it. I'm pretty happy with this set. :batgrin:
What came in the box
The minifigs: Aquaman, Arctic Batman, Mr. Freeze
I really like the Aquaman minifig although the hair looks a bit like classic Biebs.
For some reason, not only was Aquaman a frozen damsel in distress on the box, but they also left his assembly out of the booklet which was a bit odd. :batconfused:
Here's a shot of all the pieces together. I really like the design of the batboat and it came with a number of stickers which look nice when applied. Most of them were printed on transparent labels like you would get with decals.
Here's a front view of the batboat. I couldn't get my Arctic Batman to sit properly in the cockpit. I think it's due to the material they use for the cape. It's a bit springy.
Here's a rear view of the batboat. It came with a really cool translucent flame piece that plugs into the rear thruster.
Here's a sidepick of the batboat. If you push the flicker in the rear, it's supposed to shoot the discs out although I'm having problems getting mine to work properly. :batrasp:
This is a pic of the minicomic that came with this set. A lot of people think these are lame throwaways but I really like the artwork in it. :batwink:
Here's another shot of the minicomic.

Hope you enjoyed these pics. :batgrin:
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Re: LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze - Aquaman on Ice

Postby Princess_Amethyst » Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:58 pm

Cool pics, AD!! This set looks really fun. The Mr.Freeze looks really awesome. You should post more pics of other sets if you have any!! :wwsmile:
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Re: LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze - Aquaman on Ice

Postby BrandonDaCollector » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:51 pm

This set is great, you did a number dude, really cool!
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Re: LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze - Aquaman on Ice

Postby Avalon » Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:33 am

I've been mostly collecting the TMNT lego sets but picked up the Catwoman set and the Superman/Lex set. This set looks neat. I think Mr. Freeze and Aquaman make this set must have.
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Re: LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze - Aquaman on Ice

Postby Illiasc » Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:37 pm

Nice pics AcidDragon! I got this set a little while ago and like it quite a bit. I think the coolest thing on the batboat, besides the little discs to eject, is the exit flame. It's pretty big - And rotates! I also appreciated that although this set means more Batman minifigs for me, this one is actually pretty unique and worth it. Plus I can never turn down an Aquaman, plus a bonus Mr. Freeze! (I'll confess the biggest reason I got this was for Aquaman, but that aside the set is pretty cool without him)
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Re: LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze - Aquaman on Ice

Postby Doctor Fate » Tue Oct 07, 2014 2:37 am

Man, Acid these are great pictures that you shared of Arctic Batman verses Mr. Freeze here and I amazed of your collection here. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics. :) So many threads to conquer and taking one of them at a time. :)
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