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Transformers Dream Updates

Everybody's favourite robots in disguise... GOBOTS! Just kidding.

Transformers Dream Updates

Postby Crazy Jetty » Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:56 am

Okay, this is different than the traditional generic Transformers wishlist type thread.

Through Universe 2, Generations 1, and Reveal the Shield... and indeed even some of the very last RotF had to offer Hasbro had come up with some very specific and very clever ideas of how to give us some updates. From borderline triplechangers designed to represent very different transformers (Sunstreaker/Sideswipe, Tracks/Wheeljack), and characters who had almost perfect robot mode homages while having increadibly different alt modes (Perceptor, Scourge), all the way to those who managed a brilliant complete update of a character while really borrowing very little from the original source (Kup).
And while I'm not blown away by the upcoming Metroplex, I will admit the ambition that it represents is admirable enough to bare a mention. And it shows Hasbro (Dispite how aweful they've become lately), still is willing to take an occasional risk.

So... everyone I talk to seems to have one or two ideas of how they would make an older character a reality now, beyond a generic "Oh I wanna see _____."
This thread is dedicated to that. Is there anyone out there that you have a very specific idea of how you would update him/her?

I have a few.

Optimus Prime- Sold at the Leader class (Or whatever pricepoint that will be). He'd have a G1 style cab/robot that's on par with a large deluxe, or a small voyager. He'd have a G1 trailer that transforms with the cab into a Powermaster supermode.
His repaint/remold would be:
Ultra Magnus- Same cab/robot, but a trailer that's almost completely different. It uses a lot of the same parts (Lower arms, lower legs, shoulders) as the PM trailer, but reconfigured onto newly molded parts as well.
-The parts reuse is to help cut costs of two completely separate trailer molds. Ambitious, but I think it's feasible.

Scorponok- A duel homage to G1 and Energon. Mostly follows along the G1 Scorponok, but instead of having a useless undersized city mode, he has a starfighter third mode. Large Voyager.

Nightbeat- Would be a very ambitious deluxe, as this one mold is intended to represent three characters. Like the twins and 'jack/tracks, he'd have a slight alteration to his transformation to allow him to be both Nightbeat and Siren.
He would also have some heavy remolding to the robot parts for the third release, to be Minerva, so he could have a more feminine feel.

Clawjaw- Sold as a Voyager. Species: Archeteuthis, the giant squid. The toy itself would be a large scout, or a small deluxe. However, he would have two very long and very articulated tenticles, segmented to allow for maximum articulation (Simular to Quickstrike's tail). He would come with a small vehicle (As a nod to the Tactotank), or failing that, a large weapon to fill out the rest of the pricepoint.
Remold into:
Scylla- the BWII predacon. Sold as a deluxe, new head, white deco. Humboldt Squid. She also lacks the huge tenticles that her moldmate has.

Friend of mine had this idea:
Silverbolt- Voyager Fuzor. Deluxe sized robot, a good chunk of mass goes into his wings, and instead of the missle launching gimmick of the original, his can fold up onto his back, probably like Tigerhawk's.
Remolded into:
Fangry- With some very minor changes, would be a brilliant Fangry.

And I've come to the conclusion that the Stunticons really don't make a whole lot of sense.
Three supercars, a fantasy F-1, and a Semi truck with a box trailer? Doesn't really speak to much of a theme, outside of all being road vehicles.

So, I think they need a complete reimagining.

Dead End- Nascar. I can't think of a more pointless race that's just a series of endless left turns, and no way for a casual observer to know who's winning. It's just a dead end race. And seems perfect for a depressed decepticon who thinks everything is pointless.

Dragstrip- Same as he always has been.

Wildrider- Demolution Derby car. Like Deadend as a nascar, it fits his personality.

Breakdown- Offroad World Rally car. Eh. It fits really well with the group theme, and doesn't contradict him.

Knockout- blinged-out modified illegal street racer. It fits his personality, and is the last of the most popular types of races. Knockout also fits in well with this group.

Motormaster- Car Carrier. Trailer converts to a ramp for the stunticons to fly off of. And over all makes way more sense than semi and box trailer. And far less conspicuous for a car carrier to carry around five non-street legal race cars, than for a semi to drive around with four european supercars. (Besides, that's Optimus's shtick!)
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Re: Dream Updates

Postby beastovjudgement » Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:32 am

These are some of the Transformers I would like to see:

Constructions - All six of the originals (green), in new sculpts reasonably similar to G1, but with updated transformation and articulation, and with the Devastator parts incorporated into the figures. Now, here is the kicker: each of them should be Voyager size. At around $20 or so each, the price would not be overly much, especially if their releases were staggered. Providing Hasbro could make the connections stable at that size, we would have an incredible giant Devastator.

Trypticon - Similar to the Titan Class Metroplex. Rather than a traditional Godzilla-like primary mode, I would like to see a more humanoid body, but with the massive (articulated) tail, and a tyrannosaurous -type head. I would like the city and battle station modes to be extensively updated versions of the G1.

Dinobots - Masterpiece versions of the rest, or at the very least Slag and Snarl.

GI Joe Crossover - Hasbro should make a few Transformers which actuall transform into GI Joe vehicles. Bonus points if they are actually in scale with GI Joe figures. Megatron/HISS, Thundercracker/Rattler, Hound/VAMP, Warpath/MOBAT, etc.
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Re: Transformers Dream Updates

Postby Idiot Savant » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:28 pm

I agree with MP versions of the rest of the Dinobots; god that would look sweet sitting together!

I'd also go for a mega-Titan Fortress Maximus that would be about 4' tall to tower over the new Metroplex they awesome to have a to as tall as my daughter!!!!
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Re: Transformers Dream Updates

Postby Crazy Jetty » Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:54 pm

Add to mine a voyager new mold, with the duel/alternate transformation gimmick featured in Sideswipe/Sunstreaker and Tracks/Wheeljack.
Voyager Hardhead, with heavy remolding and an alternate leg transformation for the remold/repaint being BM Tankor.
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