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Suicide Squad Movie - Full Task Force X pic page 8

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Re: Suicide Squad Movie - Full Task Force X pic page 8

Postby secondwhiteline » Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:00 pm

Yeah, that's how I feel. It was a fun diversion, even if it falls apart when you think about it for more than two seconds. Liked enough of the characters and performances to mean it wasn't a wasted ticket.

But seriously, they jammed EVERYTHING into this movie. I don't know why. I'm sure studio interference and a long, troubled production had something to do with it, but was there a reason Enchantress needed to be the villain? Was it just because they wanted to guarantee a PG-13, and killing magical tar creatures was the solution? Were they scared of doing a war/espionage movie that dealt with terrorism?

If I could indulge in a bit of fanwank...The way I would've done the first movie is Squad against a modernized take on Kobra (throw in some members and elements of the Jihad from the comics, too), with indications that there are moles on the inside of the Squad. Waller figures out that on her end it's Tolliver (David Harbour, the Sheriff from Stranger Things, who needed way more to do in the movie and has worked with Ayer before), who's trying to take advantage of the situation to destroy both Kobra and the Squad initiative, and hopefully discredit his rival Waller. And there's a traitor on the Squad proper, with red herrings of Deadshot and even Harley, if you want to work in some Joker stuff, but I would hold back on a lot of it, but finally revealed to be Flag, who has major ethical issues with the concept that Tolliver appealed to. That also makes the "rescue someone, surprise it's Waller" plot less inexplicable, and focuses the movie on the Squad concept and the moral questions it raises. It also clears the deck for Deadshot to take over as field leader for the rest of the franchise, because this more stable, vulnerable version makes Flag redundant.
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