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Havok1891's trade list.

List what you have for sale and trade and your personal want lists.

Havok1891's trade list.

Postby Havok1891 » Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:46 pm

1) Metron (unopened)
2) Rocket Red (unopened0
3) Mallah & the Brain (unopened)
4) MOTUC Palace Guards 2 pack (unopened)
5) Snout Spout (Unopened)

1) Akhram City Poison Ivy

Marvel Legends:
1) Carnage (opened)
2) Red Skull (moc)

Marvel Select
1) Black Cat (opened).

Random Stuff:
1) Green Arrow coffee mug (unused with box).
2) Silver Age JLA coffee mug (unused with box). Has Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Aquaman on it.
3) Game of Thrones figures (all unopened)
a) Ned Stark
b) Jon Snow
c) Dani Targ.
d) White Walker
4) Star Wars Xwing Miniature game (sealed).

1) MOTUC Beastman
2) DCUC Aquaman hook hand
3) Watchmen figures (all Mattel made ones).
4) Cassie Batgirl
5) Marvel Select Jean Grey (as Marvel Girl, with the things she comes with).
6) S3 Steel
7) SDCC Lobo with Dawg.
8) SDCC Swamp Thing with Unmen.
9) Transformers Masterpiece Starscream
10) Transformers Masterpiece Skywarp

More will come later.
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